Voyage Royal

Voyage Royal is an olfactory journey towards lost kingdoms. A collection of fragrances inspired by those men and women who shaped the history of mankind and changed its course forever. The world would not be the same without them. The perfumes of this collection wisely combine together power and nobleness, ferocity and intelligence, acuity and violence, just like the characters they represent.

THE CONQUEROR – The conqueror is a symphony of pure and exquisite elegance, with joyful notes of pimento berries that contrast the suppleness of velvety rose petals. Safraleine plays notes with a mix of silky saffron and one of the most precious tobaccos, with
slightly leathery and herbaceous notes. The heart is magical, majestic and opulent with an enchanting
sensual Oud accord and a stylish patchouli mixing up with a sublime and addictive caramel praline accord. The delicious warmth of an emotional vanilla, wrapped by ambery musky notes embellishes this unique tailored interpretation.
Olfactive family
oriental, gourmand
Main raw materials
Pimento berry oil,
Saffron, Patchouli,
Vanilla Orchid

THE POPE’S DAUGHTER – The Pope’s Daughter opens up with a interweaving of cardamom and black pepper, which confer brightness and mystery to the creation, introducing the characteristic and warm accord of the heart, where amber, labdanum and an intriguing geranium, stand out. On the bottom, an extra creamy sandalwood accord hugs the mélange, mixing up with the majesty of cedar wood and the typical elegance of musk.
Olfactive family
woody, spicy
Main raw materials
Cardamom, Amber,
Geranium, Musk

THE TWO ROSES – Contemporary and at the same time classic, this creation reveals elegance and personality. A Floral accord with fresh and Fruity touches discloses a refined and precious bouquet that expresses the character of a timeless composition. The drydown is a mélange of enveloping woods with ambery shades, touched by Musky caresses. An olfactory story that hits straight to the heart.
Olfactive family
floral, woody
Main raw materials
Rose petals, Violet,
Cedarwood, White musk

DRACULA – An explosive, dynamic and overwhelming accord comes from the encounter of a mix of citrusy, juicy and colorful notes. The heart strongly reveals aromatic and herbaceous tones enriched by
modern floral touches and delicate green nuances. The composition culminates in woody, warm and
elegant shades that give character and breath to the creation.
Olfactive family
cologne, aromatic
Main raw materials
Lemon, Mandarin,
Rosemary, Cedarwood