The Company

Prestige is a leading distributor of perfumery, skincare and cosmetics brands is Georgia since 1995. Prestige is one of the 1st companies to start creating and developing beauty industry in the independent republic of Georgia.
Our portfolio includes wide range of international brands and products in the category of fragrances, skincare, cosmetics, para-pharmacy, professional lines and niche perfumery. Thus Prestige distribution covers chains of perfumery stores, pharmacies, beauty parlors and other retail spots, more than 250 in total.

Our Mission

The main mission of Prestige is to boost the development of beauty industry in Georgia and introducing novelties to the market. Company employees up to 100 professionals and Prestige team is dedicated to enhance and successfully manage company portfolio, that now includes more than 60 brands.


We are proud that Prestige is a trusted partner of the leading brands and groups in industry, such as: Chanel, Shiseido Group, Puig Group, Coty Group, Pierre Fabre Group, Bogart Group, Mavive Group and etc.



N1 on Georgian perfumery market since 1995

60 Brands

More than 60 leading brands in portfolio


100% coverage of perfumery chains

60 Shops

Prestige brands are represented in more than 60 perfumery shops

70 Beauty Parlors

Professional lines are represented in more than 70 beauty parlors

90 Retail Spots

Para-pharmaceutical brands are represented in more than 90 retail spots

Mass Market

Mass market brands are represented in more than 100 retail spots

Company Partners